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Dicino is coming your way allowing your population to assess symptoms of almost any illness including COVID-19 infection.






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Every healthcare system is feeling the load these days and it looks like it will only increase. All members of society regardless of their native language are worried about their own symptoms or those of their loved ones.

Key Benefits

For Residents and Visitors alike

Based on already established proprietary technology, Dicino is a system where individuals are taken through a smart questionnaire linked to their symptoms. The questions can be presented in almost any language capturing visitors and residents alike.

Lessen the load on the healthcare system

By offering this as the first line of support dramatically decrease the phone calls and visits to clinics by providing advice and comfort to individuals with concern for their own health. At the same time capture those that are truly in need and allow the system to take care of them.

Monitor the Progress - Identify Risk

A data dashboard will allow authorities to monitor the spread of infections by location as well as filter down to specific demographics. Additionally the place of work of those potentially infected can be reviewed to ensure such locations are dealt with in an adequate manner.

Authenticate your staff with your own system

Our secure two factor authentication supports enterprise providers as Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, Azure, and more. We can also connect to any OAuth2 Authorization Server. Even social providers as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and 100+. No login or signup required for patients

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