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Why and how we provide our products on a transparent, white-label basis

One of our key principles is not to store any personally identifiable information. We believe this will give you the confidence to use our solution for a specific part of your patient onboarding where the patient is feeling secure in a familiar and protected environment.

Truly white label

We believe it gives your clients more confidence and sense of security when they see your brand at the forefront. Therefore, when we fully integrate Dicino into your system, all content will be displayed with your branding.

Use case: The patient portal

A patient is feeling ill and wants to book an appointment with his surgery/health center/hospital/clinic.

In an authenticated session, he wants to make an appointment and clicks the button or menu item to do so.

At this point only you know who this patient is, his gender, age, weight and previous diagnoses.

Before allowing the patient to move on, you initiate a session using the Dicino API. This session can be initiated with no further information - but it can also be initiated with ICD-10 codes and other relevant and non private parameters such as age, gender, language and so on.

The Session item can at this point give you the next question to ask the patient. It's up to you how you do that. It can be your chatbot framework, your own survey tool or one we supply if needed.

A patient is presented with a question and he can answer it or choose to skip it. You send this response back to the Session item using our API which in return will give you the next course of action - typically a next question.

Throughout this journey very valuable information is gathered, processed and presented by the Dicino API.

  • Problems
  • Level of urgency
  • Full history report
  • Category of proposed ailment

The patient of course, sees none of those. You then use this information to send the patient to the correct appointment within the correct area of expertise.

Perhaps the most important is the anamnesis/history report. This you will exctact in the doctor's working language and inject into the visitation notes ready to be read by the doctor prior and during the interview.

All you need is love (and an API key)

A modern REST-based JSON API

You can use our REST-based JSON API for your client and server integration. We can also supply our web-based client with your branding to get started quickly.

  • API Access
  • Brandable web client

While our symptom mapping layer and language-translation capabilities are proprietary, we can integrate with systems using standard web services transmitting with HL7 v3 standard. Healthcare system implementation varies, but we are always willing to scope, plan and perform a near-seamless integration where possible.

Integration time

Depending on market language availability, the integration time can range from 2 weeks to 3 months. It depends on your needs. If you buy our standard solution without any customization, the integration time will be shorter. The complete integration for the customer client applications such as iOS and Android will depend on your IT team’s capacity.